The Zguard bedside gun mount provides an easy way of storing a handgun on the bed for quick access for personal safety. This is accomplished by using the Zguard which attaches to the bed by sliding between the mattress and box springs with a favorite handgun attached for ease and convenience.

The Zguard is made of durable ABS plastic. It has six slots that allow for left hand and right hand use on the bed. Four of the slots are usable on each side of the bed. Two of the slots are angled, one for a lower mount, one for a higher mount; of the other two slots, one is vertical and the other is horizontal. The slots are cut into the plastic the width of most standard gun holsters which allows a standard gun holster to be mounted with Velcro strips or zip ties.

Ladies, if an attacker breaks in and throws you on the bed, you can fight and move until you are within range of getting your weapon. Once there, and you settle down as he is demanding you to, you can secretly drop your arm to the side of the bed, draw your gun from the Zguard and surprise your attacker by shooting him in the chest.

This is a must have for home security and your personal safety!

Available in White or Black

Please allow 1-3 Weeks for Delivery! $19.95 Plus shipping & handling.

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